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Apr. 19th, 2009




Okay, so I've returned. My chest x ray came back clear so I am no longer sick. /o/ I also had to attend a funeral yesterday, but... yeah. So anyway..

I threw Kodachi and Takeshi into the Natu thread, Takeshi to watch and Kodachi to try to catch one. Thinking of what to do with Florrance, and Shinji.. well. I'll see what I can come up with.

Welcome to all the new players! ♥


Character # 2 woot woot

Dorsey is here with her next character~~

His name's Gaspard, and he's the Russet gym's brand new shiny gym trainer. He's a pretty nice guy, so he'll get along with mostly everyone. Being one of seven kids, he's learned that the easiest way to get through things is to play nice, so unless he personally sees you smash a baby or something, he'll force himself to get along.

He views himself as deprived of attention, so he'll end up doing a lot of stuff, good and bad, in order to get it. Of course, he would rather be recognized for doing good things, but if blowing something up will get him on the front page faster...then so be it. That was his original intent when deciding to become a trainer, but Gaspard really does love his Pokemon and want them to be strong for themselves as well as for battles. He does intend to leave Russet and become champion someday, but it's not too bad here.

Have fun with him~

And as always, I'm on MSN at dorseyhorsey@hotmail.com. And send this journal a PM if you want me on AIM (nymphadoraklutz)

Apr. 18th, 2009


Haha! Hello there!

Hey there~ Yet another character! Say hello to Alvar Moore!

Alvar was champion...a long, long time ago. 25-30 years ago, to be precise. It's unlikely most of the current characters were old enough to remember/care but he quite famously didn't show up to the finals the year he lost his title because his first son was born early on the same day. Since then he's been out of competitive battling, working in Russet's mines with the Rhydon and Golem that earned him the championship. Until now. After some jerk poisonned his ADORABLE BABY DAUGHTER, he's come out of retirement to kick some butts and protect all the world's cute little trainers from the BIG MEAN TEAM SOL.

He's a very friendly, cheerful man. He'll laugh at near everything, shrug off just about any insult and randomly consider people to be part of his family. He's also not too clear on the concept of personal space and so will go around slapping people on the backs and ruffling thier hair. He's also incredibly ready to help anyone who asks, feeling the only way to pay whatever god the pokemon folk believe in back for giving him such a wonderful life is to make the lives of others just as good. So if your guys need anything from him they only need to ask. He's a pretty religious guy and goes to pray at the shrine whenever he gets a chance.

He's also ENORMOUS.

...with an Igglybuff
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Activity Check: Part II

Okay the following players have yet to reply to the activity check. The mods will message their players as a reminder.



That's it for now. The exempt list says who has an auto-pass, as they are on hiatus or have other reasons. Anything listed under 'other' is to preserve player secrecy.


sunflowerraven - illness
klaatubarrada - hiatus
ethium - hiatus
phenomenaltj - hiatus

Apr. 15th, 2009



...at least it's evening on the East Coast.

Anyway, hey, everyone! I'm Ran, and I'm playing an overly paranoid narcissistic Team Sol Field Agent by the name of Nils Kothari! He's... special. As are his Pokemon. You can read more about him and them here.

I play fandom RP a lot, so this is my first OC RP in... a really long time! Here's hoping I do well at it!

Anyway! I'm open to plot/flail/chat/whatever practically all the time! Just hit me up on AIM at TungstenSamurai!

...also, is there an OOC chat? I must admit, I'm addicted to those ♥

Apr. 9th, 2009

† you disgust me



Sorry for all those who have threads, but from tomorrow I won't be on. I'll be back on the 21st. This'll affect the following threads:

Yasushi's Lecture
Battle With Haku
Marion and Yukio
Natu Catching Contest
All Journals

I announced it to the other mods earlier, and asked that Sol's Raid on the Old Rose Ruins happens without me. I don't want you guys to be kept waiting for me. Plus it makes sense they raid when Yasushi's out of town~

I'll see you all later!

I've discovered my aunt has wireless. Problem solved.

Apr. 4th, 2009

Ultra cute Grin super attack


I'm back, be afraid be very afraid

Okay to all you new guys here, and there's a lot of you.

"See Liz this is what you get for working so hard everyone passes you up." -Voice in her head.

"I know I know." -Me and sighs.

Hello, I'm Liz also a mod of Wings and was on leave for a long bit due to various factors that would take a heck of a long time to explain right now. So sufficet to say that I am back and ready to meet all you new people. Because there are a lot of you it seems, I'm going to have to post here for my characters and introduce them to you here. Those that care about knowing about myself well in short...I am a geek in a lot of ways.

I live around the Chicago area in the USA. I'm a writer who is trying to get comics that she's working on off the ground. I'm 27, yeah I'm old XD, and I'm a die hard collector of comics, Manga, and Transformers toys. I have a younger sister and you'll see me running around here making weird refrences. In manga I have a major liking to Son Goku from the Saiyuki series, I have a large collection of Shojo, only recently have I gotten back into gaming, and I have Fire Emblem and a wii. From Comics I like Spider-girl, Static, Bart Allen (Kid Flash) and have a soft spot for the Maximum Ride series. I also won fourth place in a Tokyo pop writing contest. Sadly not to be published.

Characters I play here:

Tamaki Kido arialace -the first leader and head of the Orange Town gym. Tamaki's a bit of a dork, happy and mostly carefree, though he hides a darkerside that he doesn't like people knowing about. He used to work for a group that researched the legendary pokemon and trained on Orange Islands atempting to become a trainer that could work with James Hino. Sadly this never came to pass due to various situations. Tamaki has since become a bird trainer and he is rather happy with this. He's keeping a watchful eye on his "little sister" Glen, hoping to train her to become a better pokemon trainer. He's also dating Jasmine Hino, though where this will go time will tell. He's also 22 years old.

Ester Ribola skattycatty -Ester is 16 and a breeder. She's a bit of a ditiz at times, but very honest and cares for her pokemon. She and Glen have a good relationship and she has a huge crush on fellow trainer Aiden. She likes cute pokemon, but doesn't like the idea of being a coordinator as her mother was one and she wanted to make a name for herself. Ester is sweet and mostly kind, she can become loud when irritated and easily will blush. She's very cautious of guys most recently and works with Garth whom she has a bit of an idol crush on. She sees him more as a brother then a boyfriend, but it's clear that she gets jealous of others.

Sarah Saito contestmastery -Sarah is Yasushi's wife. The two met several years ago and have one daughter named Aiko. She's roughly a year younger then Yasushi and is the head Judge coordinator of the pokemon contests here in Shiko. Sarah's very calm and mostly collected. She's like Yasushi where she can come off as arrogent but is really a nice person when you get down to it. Right now there's a bit of tension the two have but I think it'll eventually calm down.

Chase Williams rocketgreen -the resident ex rocket. Chase is a disguse person and right now is out of his fake look "Blue hair and blue eyes" to go in his normal form so that people don't know who he is. He's friends with Aiden and worries about him a lot, though Aiden doesn't know about his past. He's been mind attacked by Yasushi and fears him quiet a bit, though he is trying to get over it. Chase is a flirt and one that will use tricks to get what he wants. He was a rocket after all.

Apr. 3rd, 2009




Stolen from TMV on perfume. Your mods are kleptomanics.

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(no subject)

Hey all! I'm Elle and a total noob here. :D Be gentle with me! I'm located in Australia so I'm on a bit of wonky timezone compared to most people but I hope that doesn't get in the way of anything. I also attend college (I'm an English and Photography double major) and when I'm not doing that I'm running around trying to act on stage. ANYWAY. Enough about me. I'm bringing in Kohaku, or just 'Haku' if you like. He's the son of a multi-million dollar business owner and has an older sister who will inherit the family company. Her name is Mai and if anyone wants to play her I will luff on you? :3 Anyway, he came out of nowhere last year and pwned the Shiko Tournament so is the current Champion. He vanished after that to go on a soul-searching journey and has only returned home recently after hearing news about all the strange issues going on with stolen Pokémon and stuff like that. He's trying to keep on the low down so your character might not know he's the Champion right away, unless they've been obsessively stalking him through the press, which... maybe kinda isn't hard seeing as his family is right up there. x3

Anyway, I'd LOVE to plot and start threading with people so... :D Here we go? x3
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Activity Check!

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