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December 2012

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cwmods in wingsofargent


Hey everyone. Mods here.

We're very sorry but wings is closing. Nothing seems to be happening and we've held on for a while but we don't think it's going to recover from its current state of inactivity and it's getting to be a bit depressing. It's not any of your faults, this stuff happens. Again, we're really, really sorry.

It was wonderful playing with you while we did, though! You're all super great to play with and we wish you all all the luck in the world with whatever you happen to be doing. You were all great!

It was kickass and awesome and every kind of brilliant while it lasted,

The Mods.

(Ps. doublesorry to cottonspore and bellydrum since they'd only just joined. You were both super and we're sorry to you especially.)

We are MAYBE to reopen in two to three months, when the underlying issues have been sorted. We will be relocating to Insanejournal where you aren't charged through the nose to have 100 icons. Characters can be reapplied but will need to fit the new application. We will also be reapplying. Starters will be changed from Eevee. We are also reworking the plot to make it run more smoothly.

We're waiting, because otherwise it seems sort of like those internet people who fake suicide for attention and then come right back the next day.


Awww... well, it is what it is. Thanks for everything you've done! I have to say I enjoyed the task of planning out my character in itself, as well as learning about your carefully planned region, so it was definitely not wasted time on my part. Until next time!
Until next time. Like schadenfroh, we'll be sure to email you if we ever reopen.