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December 2012

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plagueofghosts in wingsofargent

please don't hurt me

Hello! This is a familiar (sort of - new PB) face, Aiden Vox. Previously a trainer, he's finally gathered the six badges he needed to be 'worthy' of his mother's Arcanine and given up on training. For the last few weeks he's been studying under the nurses at Old Rose's pokemon centre. He's picked up the basics fairly quickly, the other nurses are just about comfortable with bullying him into taking the night shift and leaving him with just an emergency contact number to get out of a shift they don't want to do.

For those who havn't met Aiden already, he's a timid little thing. Eager to please, easy to push around and terrified of just about everything. He collects things that 'look cool' (and also bubblewrap. If given the opportunity he could sit and pop bubblewrap for days.) with great enthuseasm because they make him happy. Bug shells are his favourite 'cool thing' but he also gathers seashells, neat looking leaves, funny-shaped pebbles, feathers, bones etc. His current 'best treasures' are the discarded shell of an alternate-colour metapod (or maybe just a really unhealthy metapod) and a siamese-octuplets jellybaby.

He's also CLINGY LIKE CLINGFILM so if he decides he likes you then good luck getting rid of him ever. Yes, even if you're evil. Yes, even if you're evil to him. He's terrified of losing people (he's terrified of pretty much everything but losing people and nidokings are at the top of that list) and willing to put up with pretty astounding amounts of abuse if it means people stay with him.

He sort of maybe has an enormous crush on a certain someone named Ester Ribola. His Misdreavus' opinion on this is essentially 'over my dead body', which would have a lot more effect if she weren't a ghost already.

He likes Sunfloras and Growlithes and any pokemon that evolve through trust.

...and he sort of dislikes Mr. Saito right now, since as far as Aiden knows he forced his friend Chase leave the region. The chances of him expressing this are close to zero.


XD That would definitely be hilarious. She'd probably be one to give him tasks to do, too. Can I throw her into the thread Aiden's currently in, or should I wait for another one?
DSM and I have no problems with it! Aiden would totally appreciate being rescued from the awkwardness. There's already a Blissey in there trying to keep Pin under control, it can be Florrence's if you like.