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December 2012

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cwmods in wingsofargent

Notice and PLOTTING

Sorry for the downturn in activity. Lots of people have gone on hiatus, are busy with school and exams, ill, or have suffered burn out. Therefore this month's activity check is cancelled.

We've also been waiting on a member to post the event they were to start; Team Sol's raid on the Old Rose Ruins. Except they've been busy and since we've all waited long enough, the mods have decided to post an NPC event for it this Saturday 16th. We'll also go and do an advertising blitz to hopefully find some new players. We're not a large RPG but I like to think we're comfortable.

WE ALSO WANT YOUR PLOT IDEAS. We've got an overarching plot - Team Sol and the Legendaries - but we want to know what involvement you would like on that front. What should Sol do, and how would your characters get involved? Example: Garth unearths Aki's disguise, which then has after effects. Please post and brainstorm with us and amongst yourselves.


I wasn't sure if we were supposed to post directly on this thread, but here goes!

Since my character Autumn is new to the continent, she's completely unaware of Team Sol; if any Team members would find an advantage in deceiving an honest but naive woman, she'd be a fantastic target. The key is that she hardly knows anyone yet and will trust the first person to "take her under their wing," if it seems like it's out of the kindness of that person's heart. If a grunt or boss convincingly befriended her (without revealing their Team ties) it would take Autumn ages to doubt their sincerity; and if someone planted the idea that Team Sol didn't actually exist, she would probably go on believing it for a very long while. Autumn generally trusts people, even the bad ones; and she generally distrusts rumors, even the ones founded in truth.

Autumn would never willingly join Team Sol, however. And if a person's Team identity is ever revealed to her, that's the end of that. But there's plenty of manipulation that can go on in the meantime.
Hey! A target!

Man, this'll be so easy. Finally, I don't have to work my ass off to pay for my Pokemon.

Jirou's thing is to present himself as a friendly person and use them however he can [and try to convince them to get rid of their Pokemon]. It'd certainly be possible for him to befriend her, if that's what you want.
I have to say I was excited when you commented on my journal, because I had been intrigued by your character. After assuming OOC that he was a well-meaning (and perhaps slightly pitiable) corporate type and then realizing that this was exactly the effect you had for planned all along, I thought: ooooh, what a sneakily complicated character. And what a shame that Autumn doesn't know.

Convince people to get rid of their pokémon? That's interesting. Has he been successful? And do you have any long-term plans for Jirou? If Autumn could help you get there in some way I could totally have her lend you a hand, whether or not she realizes that's what she's actually doing.

If you would enjoy picking on Autumn a little, go right ahead. Don't feel that this is a plot point that you have to develop, though, if you don't find it that interesting.
Hee hee. He's the Pokemon world's version of a banker [boo hiss!] He's been successful in the past - it's how he got his Infernape [it was a Chimchar then] and convinced a kid to trade his Arbok. I plan to use him long term but he's not an openly antagonistic character like Dr. Yew is. He's more on the backburner. And vice versa I'd be happy to have Jirou help Autumn with whatever it is she needs doing.

I'd love to develop it as a plot point. :)

And sorry for the funnily-worded reply. I'm kind of dozy at the minute.
Hooray! The plot thickens, as they say. Fufufufufu!

And as a random note, I'm pleased that you threw a smiley face into your response. Since I don't know anything about you personally I was having trouble separating Jirou's scowling face from my idea of what you might be like. XD

Oh, and, did you draw your avatars? The different emotional shades are very interesting, and I can't imagine how they could come to be unless you didn't draw them yourself.
Sorry about that. Sometimes I forget what the keywords mean for each icon, and I was half-asleep at the time of posting. So you can have a dancing icon this time. :)

I don't draw as good as I write, and I don't have the patience to make 15 icons. I might one day, but currently I'm using Adachi from Persona 4 for his PB. They're in-game portraits of his expressions.
::laughs:: That is amazing. Thank you for the privilege. ^__^
Kodachi could always try to befriend her? Well, as long as there's something she'd get from it in return. (like information, Pokemon, etc) XD
Purple died. >> Not literally, he just kinda fell off the face of the Earth with his two new Pokémon.

I'm not sure how much influence Purple would have in the Sol Plot, but if anyone from Team Sol has any ideas with the lovely naive klutz, I'm open to plottiness.
I don't know if this is appropriate to post here (or where it goes, really), but I wanted to try to have Kodachi (as Nicole) get into working as a Gym Trainer for Tamaki's gym. I know I have to run it by Tamaki-mun, of course. ^^