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December 2012

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Ester Smile

skattycatty in wingsofargent

Jeeze so many new faces!

Hello all, Liz here, since I haven't been around that much I wanted to know who all of you were so that I don't make mistakes. I'm one of the mods and normally I post a lot more but some personal stuff has been recently getting in the way of my work.

So I figured I might as well introduce my characters to all of you here and comments about them would be nice. Thanks.

Tamaki Kido, arialace This would be the lovely and talented First Gym leader, Tamaki. He's also called the Dork, Airhead, and whatever name you can use kindly to discribe well...a guy that acts goofy. He hails from a small town near Jasmine's home town, and trained to be a water trainer back when he was younger on the Orange Islands. However various situations occured that made him abandon that route when he met with a gentle Chatot by the name of Chazz. He's been dating Jasmine Hino more recently and is known as being easy to beat. Well at least that's what he wants people to think.

Ester Ribola: skattycatty Ester is a seventeen year old young woman who's trying to get back into becoming a breeder. She at first intended on going on a pokemon quest to become a trainer, but spending time with Garth, the Second Gym leader has lead her to believe she might have been suited for being a breeder. She's very energetic and likes to get to know new people. Right now she's feeling a bit upset over the fact that the boy that she liked acted mean to her though no fault of his own. She's also starting to nurse a crush on her boss, which might lead to complications later.

Chase Williams rocketgreen Chase is an unusual character. He hails from Kanto and was part of the Rockets. He uses various disquises, but his natural look is one with black hair and green eyes. He wears blue contacts and a blue wig to keep people from knowing who he is. Chase has been mind attacked by Yasushi while trying to prove something. Since then he's been trying to slowly stop being scared of the man, though that is not working out. Chase is a flirt and will do whatever he wants to get things done.

Sarah Saito contestmastery Sarah is Yasushi's wife and mother of Aiko their daughter. She's Astrid's rival, though she doesn't see herself as such. She's very calm but a force to be reconded with. Her love of her husband runs deep and when they fight it's not very nice. Sarah is very confident in her skills and will do whatever she can to help other young coorodinators out. She's the head judge of the pokemon competitions.

(By the way to anyone who is a cooridnator I would like some ideas on what to do to create a good way of having a contest soon. Thanks.)


TOTALLY NOT NEW, BUT STILL ♥ I hope stuff starts clearing up for you soon.


Satomi and Chase totally need to hang out be evil together. They can do evil things like... kick puppies and... take candy from babies.
Yes she must come to see him as soon as possible. XD
She is rather bored of Old Rose Town. Where is he these days? ^^
He'll be coming in. I have to wrap my mind around everything and I'll give us a start for one this evening.
Probably doesn't help that two of my characters have crushes on two of yours. XD

And Kido and Takeshi need to get into a fist fight over Jasmine. *snrk*
Yes yes they do! XD

Oh two? Well I know one of them...but who's the other?