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December 2012

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cottonspore in wingsofargent

An Introduction.

Hello everyone! I've just become an official member of your community, but truth be told I've been sneakily lurking around the place for about a month now. I was initially hooked by Pickle's wonderful and amusing energyroot profile, which I randomly found one morning while searching Google for Hoppip merchandise. I bugged her with a bunch of questions about the RPG, which quickly turned into bugging your mods with a bunch of questions about the RPG, and the rest is history.

I've never roleplayed through Livejournals before, so forgive me if I'm a bit clunky at first. I'm very excited about playing, though, and hope I turn out to be a good addition to the game.

Oh, and my name is Emily. My internet handle is generally Project Autumn. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask. Have a good evening!


Oooh, welcome to the game! :D I play Ember, the 7th leader and Cash, a lazy bum musician.

Feel free to poke me if you need anything. My AIM is selfinsert.
Thanks so much for saying hello! ^__^ Autumn will probably have an interesting time wrapping her mind around Cash. She likes lazy bum musicians, but is never initially sure how she'll feel about a trainer, much less a gym leader. (Battling is against her personal code of ethics.) Maybe she'll learn something from him.
Hiiiii Emily! ♥

I play Rochelle, yourfacemyfoot, a not-too-smart, flying kick throwing trainer who also loves Hoppip! Hers has evolved into Skiploom and is her BFF forever and ever and ever. She's feisty and outgoing, so she probably won't understand Autumn. Whether or not they get along will depend almost entirely on first impressions. She's annoying like that.

Gaspard bunearyears is a trainer at Russet Gym. He just got the position so he doesn't really know what he's doing (but he'll pretend he does). He's more likely to get along, because he gets along with everyone who doesn't punch him in the face.
Hiiiii Youfacemyfoot! XD I have long been amused by your journal name.

I'll be very interested to meet Rochelle. Autumn will certainly have a soft-spot for her Hoppip and her Hoppip love, but, as you hinted toward, their difference in disposition may lead to a lot of miscommunication. Autumn will most likely be overwhelmed by her at first, but who knows what will happen after that?

Poor Gaspard. He sounds like he needs a hug. I don't know if Autumn will be the one to do it, though. The magic of RP must happen first!
Thank you! <3


He's not opposed to hugs~
Darkspellmaster, Liz, and another mod here. Welcome. Glad to have a new face. I haven't been on for a while due to personal stuff, but when that gets all sorted I'll be happy to RP with you.

By the wya my characters are

Tamaki: The first gym leader and all around dork and airhead.

Ester: Garth's assistant right now and also trying to relearn to be a breeder. Very sweet girl with a perchance to have crushes on the worst guys possible.

Sarah Saito: The wife of Yasushi Saito, and the Lead Master Coordinator and Judge of the Shiko region. She's serious but nice.

Chase Williams: Ex Rocket that winds up causing all sorts of issues. He's rather odd.
Thank you for the welcome! I hope your personal stuff is happy stuff, or at least not terribly stressful stuff.

Autumn may wind up hating Tamaki, if he doesn't seem like he's examined his choice to be a pokémon gym leader. She doesn't like battling but will generally approve of trainers who take great care with profession. If he takes the whole thing very lightly, Autumn will be upset by that.

Hooray for Pokémon breeders! Autumn's older brother may wind up going into the breeding business as well, but I haven't decided yet. If he has, then they'll have something to connect over.

I don't know how Autumn feels about coordinators. I guess we'll play that one by ear. :)

And hooray for inept Rockets. XD Autumn will probably be seriously afraid of bandits such as he, as her pokémon don't battle and might not be strong enough to defend themselves.
Welcome to the game, Emily! Name's Pol, and I RP two chars in this game, Marjan and Carol.

Marjan is an abusive novice trainer who's rotten to the core. He's becoming hated by most of the other trainers in this game.

Carol is the 4th gym leader and an extremely friendly fellow. He's a one-eyed trap who is also an avant garde fashion designer.

Have fun! Feel free to contact me via AIM ("destati") or MSN ("popolo_pietro@yahoo.com") if you wanna plot or just chat.
Hello! Thank you for the welcome. :D

I can guarentee you that Autumn will continue in the tradition of hating Marjan. She's a little iffy with people who battle their pokémon in the first place, but an "abusive novice trainer" is up there with one of her most despised archetypes. If Marjan and her ever cross paths, I bet it will be funnnnnnnn. (For us, I mean.)

Fashion designer, eh? I wonder how Autumn will feel about that. She's very plain. We shall see!
Pfff, I managed to totally miss this! Sorry about being so late~ (and sorry for TWICEPOST, I messed up the codes)

You already know of Garth, underqualified second gym leader who would really rather be working as a pokemon professor. And who seems to be one of the favourite targets of team Sol, Chase and general bad luck. He's still emoing over recovering from the shock of his inability to prevent of a large fire at his gym which took the lives of several wild pokemon but will happily interact despite this. He's nice enough, though he tends to be condecending which could annoy Autumn since she's sensitive about proving her intelligence. The fact that he battles pokemon probably won't go down too well either.

Then there's Glen closecombat and her father Alvar rocktomb, a new but talented enough trainer and ex-champion turned miner turned team-sol-investivator respecively. Glen's loud and brash and overly confrantational and determined to be a 'grownup'. Alvar's enormous and loud but a lot more relaxed and friendly and always willing to help.

And that leaves Astrid 'LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME' Lace fogdancing, an artist/coordiantor who desperately wants people to pay attention to her and can't stand being ignored. She loves nothing more than making people uncomfortable so she'd probably be deliberately confrontational toward Autumn to acheive that.
XD No worries on the TWICEPOST. I was amused.

I'm definitely excited to meet up with Garth. Autumn doesn't dislike all trainers, it just puts her off at first; and once she sees the respect with which Garth treats his pokémon, not to mention how much he genuinely loves him, she'll probably become one of his most loyal aquaintances.

Are you saying that Alvar investigates Team Sol or investigates for Team Sol? Not that Autumn would be able to tell the difference anyway. She almost always defaults to believing that people's intentions are good.

Autumn will probably shrink away from Astrid like a hermit crab into her shell. Comedic potential, perhaps? :)

Thanks again for everything. I look forward to working with you!