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Jun. 2nd, 2009

Boing Boing



Hey everyone. Mods here.

We're very sorry but wings is closing. Nothing seems to be happening and we've held on for a while but we don't think it's going to recover from its current state of inactivity and it's getting to be a bit depressing. It's not any of your faults, this stuff happens. Again, we're really, really sorry.

It was wonderful playing with you while we did, though! You're all super great to play with and we wish you all all the luck in the world with whatever you happen to be doing. You were all great!

It was kickass and awesome and every kind of brilliant while it lasted,

The Mods.

(Ps. doublesorry to cottonspore and bellydrum since they'd only just joined. You were both super and we're sorry to you especially.)

We are MAYBE to reopen in two to three months, when the underlying issues have been sorted. We will be relocating to Insanejournal where you aren't charged through the nose to have 100 icons. Characters can be reapplied but will need to fit the new application. We will also be reapplying. Starters will be changed from Eevee. We are also reworking the plot to make it run more smoothly.

We're waiting, because otherwise it seems sort of like those internet people who fake suicide for attention and then come right back the next day.

May. 28th, 2009

small smile


Just a small little thing.

I'm changing Shinji's PB. Not that it matters, but.. I figure that, the direction I want to take him in (and drag him out more), this PB will suit him more. Of course, now I'm tempted to get him a Buneary.

So he's now going to look more like Honey from Ouren High Host Club.

Nothing else about him has changed, though I do need to log with him more. He wants to start getting srs bsns in his training and go for the first badge against Tamaki. Any takers for training / etc?

May. 23rd, 2009


Hello Allo

Hello all!

I have joined this community as Waldron, a chef whose pokemon help him out in the kitchen.  He is married to Autumn (who joined rather recently).  I've done the Roleplay thing for quite some time now... although never through LJ like this... so things may be a bit choppy at first.

Looking forward to some fun!

May. 17th, 2009


please don't hurt me

Hello! This is a familiar (sort of - new PB) face, Aiden Vox. Previously a trainer, he's finally gathered the six badges he needed to be 'worthy' of his mother's Arcanine and given up on training. For the last few weeks he's been studying under the nurses at Old Rose's pokemon centre. He's picked up the basics fairly quickly, the other nurses are just about comfortable with bullying him into taking the night shift and leaving him with just an emergency contact number to get out of a shift they don't want to do.

For those who havn't met Aiden already, he's a timid little thing. Eager to please, easy to push around and terrified of just about everything. He collects things that 'look cool' (and also bubblewrap. If given the opportunity he could sit and pop bubblewrap for days.) with great enthuseasm because they make him happy. Bug shells are his favourite 'cool thing' but he also gathers seashells, neat looking leaves, funny-shaped pebbles, feathers, bones etc. His current 'best treasures' are the discarded shell of an alternate-colour metapod (or maybe just a really unhealthy metapod) and a siamese-octuplets jellybaby.

He's also CLINGY LIKE CLINGFILM so if he decides he likes you then good luck getting rid of him ever. Yes, even if you're evil. Yes, even if you're evil to him. He's terrified of losing people (he's terrified of pretty much everything but losing people and nidokings are at the top of that list) and willing to put up with pretty astounding amounts of abuse if it means people stay with him.

He sort of maybe has an enormous crush on a certain someone named Ester Ribola. His Misdreavus' opinion on this is essentially 'over my dead body', which would have a lot more effect if she weren't a ghost already.

He likes Sunfloras and Growlithes and any pokemon that evolve through trust.

...and he sort of dislikes Mr. Saito right now, since as far as Aiden knows he forced his friend Chase leave the region. The chances of him expressing this are close to zero.

May. 15th, 2009

Boing Boing


Notice and PLOTTING

Sorry for the downturn in activity. Lots of people have gone on hiatus, are busy with school and exams, ill, or have suffered burn out. Therefore this month's activity check is cancelled.

We've also been waiting on a member to post the event they were to start; Team Sol's raid on the Old Rose Ruins. Except they've been busy and since we've all waited long enough, the mods have decided to post an NPC event for it this Saturday 16th. We'll also go and do an advertising blitz to hopefully find some new players. We're not a large RPG but I like to think we're comfortable.

WE ALSO WANT YOUR PLOT IDEAS. We've got an overarching plot - Team Sol and the Legendaries - but we want to know what involvement you would like on that front. What should Sol do, and how would your characters get involved? Example: Garth unearths Aki's disguise, which then has after effects. Please post and brainstorm with us and amongst yourselves.

May. 5th, 2009



(no subject)

Does anybody wants to have a party for Euans bday?
he'd invite for free round at his local pub.

Apr. 24th, 2009



I fail at life.

So, I know I said I was back from my unofficial hiatus, but that was incorrect. I will be back in the next two weeks.

Schoolwork is evil.


Apr. 21st, 2009

Ester Smile


Jeeze so many new faces!

Hello all, Liz here, since I haven't been around that much I wanted to know who all of you were so that I don't make mistakes. I'm one of the mods and normally I post a lot more but some personal stuff has been recently getting in the way of my work.

So I figured I might as well introduce my characters to all of you here and comments about them would be nice. Thanks.

Tamaki Kido, arialace This would be the lovely and talented First Gym leader, Tamaki. He's also called the Dork, Airhead, and whatever name you can use kindly to discribe well...a guy that acts goofy. He hails from a small town near Jasmine's home town, and trained to be a water trainer back when he was younger on the Orange Islands. However various situations occured that made him abandon that route when he met with a gentle Chatot by the name of Chazz. He's been dating Jasmine Hino more recently and is known as being easy to beat. Well at least that's what he wants people to think.

Ester Ribola: skattycatty Ester is a seventeen year old young woman who's trying to get back into becoming a breeder. She at first intended on going on a pokemon quest to become a trainer, but spending time with Garth, the Second Gym leader has lead her to believe she might have been suited for being a breeder. She's very energetic and likes to get to know new people. Right now she's feeling a bit upset over the fact that the boy that she liked acted mean to her though no fault of his own. She's also starting to nurse a crush on her boss, which might lead to complications later.

Chase Williams rocketgreen Chase is an unusual character. He hails from Kanto and was part of the Rockets. He uses various disquises, but his natural look is one with black hair and green eyes. He wears blue contacts and a blue wig to keep people from knowing who he is. Chase has been mind attacked by Yasushi while trying to prove something. Since then he's been trying to slowly stop being scared of the man, though that is not working out. Chase is a flirt and will do whatever he wants to get things done.

Sarah Saito contestmastery Sarah is Yasushi's wife and mother of Aiko their daughter. She's Astrid's rival, though she doesn't see herself as such. She's very calm but a force to be reconded with. Her love of her husband runs deep and when they fight it's not very nice. Sarah is very confident in her skills and will do whatever she can to help other young coorodinators out. She's the head judge of the pokemon competitions.

(By the way to anyone who is a cooridnator I would like some ideas on what to do to create a good way of having a contest soon. Thanks.)

Apr. 20th, 2009



An Introduction.

Hello everyone! I've just become an official member of your community, but truth be told I've been sneakily lurking around the place for about a month now. I was initially hooked by Pickle's wonderful and amusing energyroot profile, which I randomly found one morning while searching Google for Hoppip merchandise. I bugged her with a bunch of questions about the RPG, which quickly turned into bugging your mods with a bunch of questions about the RPG, and the rest is history.

I've never roleplayed through Livejournals before, so forgive me if I'm a bit clunky at first. I'm very excited about playing, though, and hope I turn out to be a good addition to the game.

Oh, and my name is Emily. My internet handle is generally Project Autumn. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask. Have a good evening!

Apr. 19th, 2009

can you keep a secret?


(no subject)

Okay, I almost forgot. ^^; The Wellness Clinic is posted, so feel free to hop in! It's mostly supposed to be interactive and educational, or someone can try to cause trouble.. whatever. ^^

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